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Your success is our success!

Let yourself be enchanted with the elegant, cheeky and sporty sock creations of the CNB!

CNB Socken & Strümpfe GmbH has more than 25 years of experience in the market of socks and hosiery. What moves us to the present day:

  • High quality standard for over 25 years

  • Attractive price-performance ratio

  • Logistical Know-How

  • Original sock collection on the pulse of seasons and trends

  • Proved reliability

Design is the art to connect function and aesthetic.

Use of modal fibbers


Modal fibbers are artificially produced fibbers from a renewable natural raw material wood. Their cotton-like character is ideal for a wide range of applications, always for high-quality articles. Besides a special colour brilliance and a pleasantly soft feel, they are a durable, dimensionally stable fabric that quickly dries.





The viscose fibber obtained from the regenerative natural raw material bamboo is distinguished by its silky soft and glossy surface. Textiles made of bamboo have similar characteristics to silk products, which are characterized by high breathability and moisture absorption.
The bamboo is also a symbol of long life, happiness, friendship and purity. This feel-good fibber has a climate-balancing effect and has a positive effect on physical well-being.

Quality and health


Diabetic socks / health socks and travel knee socks
Only the best for your health!
Whether diabetic sock, health sock or travel knee-jerk, we use only the highest quality materials for your comfort and your health. The high proportion of durable, valuable cotton is particularly skin-friendly. The socks are made without cutting rubber, with EXTRA wide waistband.
The specially used elastane fibbers ensure a faultless fit due to a special elasticity with additional supportive and vein-friendly effect. No cuts, no pressure points even with swollen feet and the socks still sit perfectly.



Quality and sport


Quality for performance and extreme athletes, as well as for recreational athletes.
These high quality special fibbers are light and soft. They drain moisture away from the body and the skin can breathe better. In addition, the fibbers have a heat-regulating effect and the breathing-active ventilation ducts always ensure an optimal, fresh climate in the shoe.

Looking for the essential, we work with attention to detail!


In 1990, the 29-year-old, clever visionary, Cornelia Neubert, founded the company. With courage, diligence and charm she and her husband Clemens Neubert continued to expand it year by year. The virtues that led to the success of the company were there from the beginning and after 30 years still can be seen in the day-to-day operations. Doesn’t matter if it is the commitment, the authenticity, trustworthy, efficient cooperation of the employees – among each other and with all business partners – or the attention to detail that assures our quality and the pursuit of the same goal: namely the maximum success of our customers. Continuing development in all our core areas was, as it is today, a self-evident fact that is part of life and our company.